4D Euclidean space

Polytope of the Month

This month we present a very interesting CRF polychoron that sports 24 bilunabirotunda (J91) cells and has demitesseractic symmetry:

pentagonorhombic trisnub trisoctachoron

This is the pentagonorhombic trisnub trisoctachoron, or pretasto for short, named by Jonathan Bowers. Its surface is bounded by 24 bilunabirotundae (J91), 8 cuboctahedra, 40 octahedra, 32 tridiminished icosahedra (J63), and 40 tetrahedra. It is also known by the designation D4.11, a temporary unique identifier assigned by the Discovery Index of the CRF discovery project.

Find out more at the D4.11 page, which describes its structure in detail, and, as usual, provides the full algebraic coordinates.


POVRay-migration status

4D visualization document95%
Regular polychora100%
4D geometric objects55%

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Last updated 18 Jun 2019.

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