Tatari Faran Grammar


This grammar describes Tatari Faran, the language spoken by the inhabitants of Fara, who identify themselves as san faran, the people of Fara. The official dialect is presented here, representing the trade language used for trade and negotiations, as agreed upon by the tribal leaders, city officials, and tradesmen. It is universally understood across Fara.

Other dialects and regional variations exist; however, we will not describe them except for the occasional mention of certain words that may have different meanings depending on region.

Parts of Speech

Tatari Faran consists of the following parts of speech:

The rest of this grammar describe these parts of speech in greater detail and explains how they are put together.

Interlinear Format

Throughout the grammar we will present Tatari Faran snippets in interlinear format to aid in parsing Tatari Faran text. These interlinears will be in the following form:


Morpheme breakdown
IPA pronunciation

English translation

Last updated 24 Mar 2023.

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