Fara: the Land of Fire


Fara, which in the natives' tongue means “the Plain”, is the floor of a very large caldera bounded by stratovolcanoes. It overlies a hotspot deep in the Earth, and is therefore highly volcanic. An abundance of volcanic cones, vents, geysers, fumaroles, and hot springs are found in it. Its less active regions are also graced with lush vegetation, providing a home for the many fauna that dwell in it.

As far as its inhabitants are concerned, Fara is the entire extent of the world. No one has ever crossed the mountains before, and nobody cares to, because, in their understanding, there is nothing beyond. Even though some of the stories in their folklore do allude to their legendary ancestor entering Fara from beyond the mountains, that might as well be referring to his coming into existence from outside the universe as far as they could tell.


The following pages describe the geography and people of Fara in greater detail.

Tatari Faran

Tatari Faran is the common language spoken by the inhabitants of Fara. It means “speech of the Plain” or “speech of Fara”. The following pages describe this language.

Last updated 06 Apr 2023.

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