Fara: the Land of Fire

The Lava Artists

A unique artform developed from the constant volcanic activity in Fara: lava art. The practitioners of this unusual art are called the san muras, or lava artists. The name literally means grey people, from their dust- and ash-laden greyish-black appearance due to constantly venturing around lava sites. Variously held in awe as daredevils or shunned as misfits, the san muras form a loosely-knit community with their own unique subculture and jargon. Individual members often operate on their own, only occasionally gathering with other fellow lava artists to exchange artwork, ideas, and stories.

The following is an artist's rendition of a san muras at work, in a field surrounded by lava flows near a small settlement. As is typical of most depictions of Fara, the obligatory erupting volcano background is accompanied by an adjacent geyser field and a patch of buneis giant mushrooms.

Artist rendition of a scene in Fara, featuring a san muras at

Last updated 15 Mar 2023.

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