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Ebisédian: the Language of the Era of the Kingdom

Known to its native speakers as the `Language of the People', Ebisédian is the common language spoken in all three realms of the Ferochromon during the Era of the Kingdom. It is a pitch-accented language with 27 consonants and 9 vowels (not counting vowel length, breathing, and nasality). It has 3 different known systems of writing, possibly more. The most common writing system is the sanokí.

Here, we present to you some translated documents that describe Ebisédian. Please note that most of the Ebisédian excerpts given in these documents are in the Roman orthography, not in the original sanokí script. This choice was due to the consideration that a Romanized script would be far more accessible to Terran readers, and also due to the lack of a complete typeface of the sanokí script at the time of publication, which precluded the typesetting of the samples. However, a sanokí typeface has been recently completed, and we will publish editions in the sanokí script in due time.

In the meantime, we have prepared a description of the sanokí script along with some short samples.

Language References

Introductory Tutorial

Ebisédian is quite different from most common Terran languages, and may seem rather foreign to those who are not acquainted with it; so we have prepared a tutorial geared towards beginners which gently introduces the basic concepts of the language to the reader.

Ebisédian Tutorial (PDF)

Note: this is a preview document, and some sections in the tutorial are still incomplete. However, what is currently there should be sufficient to acquiant the reader enough to move on to more advanced materials on Ebisédian.

Reference Grammar

For the Terran scribes and grammarians, we have prepared a translation of the Ebisédian reference grammar for your information. This document describes in detail the workings of Ebisédian syntax, and includes many samples of Ebisédian, including short passages.

Ebisédian Reference Grammar (PDF)


Thanks to the diligent work of our translators, we present the second edition of the Ebisédian lexicon, which has over 600 entries of the most representative Ebisédian words. This new edition also comes with the English-to-Ebis├ędian reverse lexicon index included in the same volume.

Ebisédian Lexicon (PDF)

Miscellaneous Texts

Various other translation efforts from Ebisédian are in progress; here we exhibit a few small samples.

Ebisédian Anatomical Terms

This is a short document describing various anatomical terms in Ebisédian.

Ebisédian Anatomical Terms (PDF)

Words of Esáni the Wise

This is a short analytical commentary on a saying by one Esáni the Wise, who lived during the Era of the Kingdom. The commentary includes highlights of grammatical points, which may be of interest to linguists who wish to study Ebisédian.

Words of Esáni the Wise (PDF)

Last updated 20 Mar 2023.

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