Welcome to the Ferochromon

Welcome, weary traveller. You have arrived at the portal to Ferochromon, a fascinating universe of vivid colors and wonderful phenomena. Discover the wonders of Ferochromon and the people who live there by following the paths we have prepared for you below.


New visitors may wish to read the introductory guide to familiarize themselves with the Ferochromon. This would greatly help in getting used to the surroundings of the Ferochromon after one arrives.


The inhabitants of Ferochromon, the Ebisédi, have a rich history spanning many Eras. We provide short summaries of key periods and events in this history here. These summaries describe ancient Ebisédi history up until the Second Great Calamity, which occurred two Eras ago.

  1. The Era of the Wanderers.
  2. The Era of the Villagers.
  3. The Era of the Kingdom.
  4. The First Great Calamity.
  5. The Era of the Scattering.
  6. The Era of Thriving.
  7. The Second Great Calamity.


Along with their rich history, there had been many languages spoken by the peoples of Ferochromon throughout the ages. We exhibit two of these languages here.

Journey into the Ferochromon

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Fauna & Flora

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Cosmological History

The Ferochromon is much, much, more than the tiny inhabitable portion that is described in the above sections. Discover the deep inner structure of the Ferochromon by following this fantastic virtual tour of its cosmological history that traces its development all the way from time zero up to the present!

Last updated 06 Feb 2018.

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