The Metabiaugmented Hexagonal Prism

The metabiaugmented hexagonal prism (J56) is the 56th Johnson solid. It has 14 vertices, 26 edges, and 14 polygons (8 triangles, 4 squares, and 2 hexagons).

A metabiaugmented
hexagonal prism

It can be constructed augmenting a hexagonal prism with two square pyramids on square faces 120° apart. Removing one of the square pyramids results in the augmented hexagonal prism (J54). Adding another square pyramid on the square face 120° apart from both augments results in the triaugmented hexagonal prism (J57).


Here are some views of the metabiaugmented hexagonal prism from various angles:

Projection Description

Top view.

Front view.

Side view.

120° side view.


The Cartesian coordinates of the metabiaugmented hexagonal prism, centered on the origin and with edge length 2, are:

Last updated 04 Sep 2018.

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